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San Marco, Riverside and Ponte Vedra you will see Ozzy and I walking your pooches Monday thru Friday.  Rain or shine.  Hurricane season too!  Contact us today - Your pooch will thank you!

Ok folks, here we go.  Super simple, super easy.  I only do Sit & Stay-overs for weekday pooches or my "dailys".  And it's this way cause of high demand.  I'm not the super-hero of Dog Sitters, but because word of mouth got waaaay to wordy, I was unable to hang with my daily when their owners went away.  It's very hard to find someone dependable and trustworthy I know, but after too many pickles I got myself into, it just had to be done.  If you call and your not a daily, I'll refer you to someone I trust with my Oz!

Yepper, that's the commercial above and from my understanding, it still runs from time to time!  Had enough?  I even went on The Morning Show.  Yep, I've got the clip too!


Do I still RollerWalk?  My blades went to storage, but can I walk like nobody's business.   I'm like the Forest Gump of Dog Walkers lol.  I'm an exercise junky, I eat plants and my clients are pooches!  Need I say more?

So now it's your turn - contact me at to request a meet-n-greet.  You can call too at 904.566.3065.  Like always, your pooch will thank you!

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My rate starts at:      $55      per night

​This rate is per night and one full day.  Additional fees can apply for additional days.  For example, if you leave Saturday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon, the rate is $55 for that night.  If you leave Saturday morning and return Sunday night, and additional fee can apply depending on your daily rate.  But please, pleeeease use your Canine Coupons!  Like always, your pooch will thank you!

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contact us   /   904.566.3065    /


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Walkin' Jax Since 2009

PVB, San Marco & Riverside

​$10 Pee, Poop & Scoop!

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Ask about $2 Tuesdays

Teacher discounts!

Pee, Poop & Scoop!

After ditching my corporate career in NYC, Ozzy and I moved to Jacksonville to help with family.  In 2009, 7Leashes Dog Walking opened and has been walking pooches in Ponte Vedra Beach, San Marco, Riverside and Avondale - and still going strong!  And yep, that was us on The Morning Show.  And yep, that was us too in The Florida Times Union!  Total Celebs lol!


Sit & Stay-overs


Book now through the end of September and all walks are $10!  Yep, $10 and you're locked in at that rate! 

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About 7leashes

We service Ponte Vedra Beach, San Marco, Riverside and Avondale.  We are located in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida.  We look forward to walking your pooch!  


​​$16   per walk  @  1 day a week

$15   per walk  @  2 days a week

$14   per walk  @  3 days a week

$13   per walk  @  4 days a week

$12   per walk  @  5 days a week

Who's 7l

After 10 years owning 7Leashes, Ozzy and I are still walking!  Who would think after career in NYC, I would end up making a career taking pups out to pee!


Super simple, super easy.  Just how many daily Pee, Poop & Scoops you need per week!  Pick one, pick two, pick three!  The more you pick, the more you save!

"A Leash for Every Day of the Week!"

904 . 566 . 3065

The Pee, Poop & Scoop is an average of 20 minutes depending on the time of day - keep in mind that we don't wear fur coats during the 95 degree days - our pooches do!  So with that said, the more you pick, the more you save!  Also, we leave Canine Coupons with your daily Wag Report (a lil' note I leave after each walk to let you know that I was there and that I care!).  Even more ways to save!  Book now or forever hold your leash!