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TheSit & Stay Over!

I'm not exactly sitting while I stay at your home with your pooch - completely the opposite! From walks to ball chucking, I'm game!  Your pooch is having a over-fun time, your home is looked after and you are having a blast of your own on your trip!  Sweet!  And lookie at the competitive price!  Bon voyage! Don't forget to clip your Canine Coupon for a discount!  Sit & Stay Overs are for weekday customers only and subject to availability - Membership has it's privileges!





ThePee, Poop & Scoop!

Yep - you guessed it.  Walk till they poop!  Usually last about 25 minutesish, unless you're Carter an Aussy Schepard in my pack who literally can be walked from here to Miami and not lift his leg or do the body poo crunch.  I'm not kidding either.  


Running 7 (ironically) marathons has paid off!  So I guess you've guessed that I like to run?! And yep, I'll run with your pooch too! And if your pooch is a puppy, what a great way to let off puppy steam. Little guys love it!  So if it's under 70 degrees or before 9am, book it!  I'm there and your pup will love the workout!  


For the pup who needs justa quick squirt!  Or for that owner who is pinching their pennies!  How long does it last?  Um, a squirt (kidding - around the block at the very least - 15 minutesish).  This is a goodie for the people who don't work an 8-hour day.