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In the midst of my every-expanding career that took me to fascinating cities around the world, I could only wish that my best friend, my fun-loving Lab, Ozzy, could be my co-pilot.  But since the FAA doesn't allow drewling 85-lb Chocolate Labs that "whisper" on command in first class, I finally decided to face the unimaginable (dom, dom, dom!!!) a DOG WALKER!  I never imagined that I would finally surrender to someone else taking care of Ozzy, aka Sir Stink-A-Lot.  Do they have a leash to take him to the park?  A lease to put ice in his sloppery water bowl on those hot days?  And, who, who, WHO would have a leash of patience for his "circle-poo-dance"?  Yep, my thoughts exactly, NO ONE.  I wish I was the one with a leash for every day of the week!  

But low and behold, I did find someoneS.  I found someone that be trusted to actually show up, but didn't put ice in his bowl.  I did find someone that couldn't even throw a ball in the backyard (hello?  he's a Labrador RETRIEVER!!!).  Oh and poor Ozzy, used up his walk time just doing the circle-poo-dance.  Come on now, not even two extra minutes to sniff out some lizards (it's hysterical - has been trying for 5 years and never got one yet - big goof!).  Oh sure, I had 7 leashes, but from 7 different walkers.

So I did the unthinkable - yep, I ditched my career for my pooch!   I know, I know, jet-setting around the world for free to picking up dog's poop and pee!  Started walking in 2009 and still going strong - happy to call Ponte Vedra Beach home!  And you got it, that's 7Leashes on Channel 4's Morning Show Commercial!

And Stinks McGee (Ozzy, lol) comes on the petsits!  Playdates!  

7Leashes offers weekday dog walking with a minimum of 3 weekdays walks on a continual basis in the Ponte Vedra Beach area, which includes Sawgrass.  In-home petsitting is a perk for weekly customers only!  

Monday - Friday afternoon walks can vary in time due to location, however, they start at 11am and end by 2pm and generally last between 15-25 minutes! #dogwalkerpontevedra #dogsitterpontevedra

We're GREEN!  All poobags are 100% biodegradable!